HQTelecom's phone Lookup tool helps you identify and prevent scams and frauds from phone numbers linked to unsolicited calls.  

In order to avoid potential scams and frauds, as you go answering calls from strangers (e.g. people you haven't met in person), you need a reliable tool to help you detect callers that are linked to unsolicited calling.  This tool is HQTelecom's Phone Lookup service.  HQTelecom's Phone Lookup service was created to help you decide which numbers to block.  It simplifies the detective work required to know if the person calling you is a thief or a legit person. 

According to recent stats, one out of every 6 adults in the US has been a victim of some form of scam. With HQTlecom's Phone Lookup service,  there is no need for you to rely exclusively on your own judgement or common sense when talking to strangers on the phone.