Some phone systems make very load noises when you enter # or *, making it very hard for you to program your blocker. One option is to program your blocker remotely by calling your phone line from a cell phone (or any other phone line). So, let’s say you have the blocker installed in your home line. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to program your blocker remotely using the cell phone:

1. Preparation:  At home, make sure your blocker’s LINE socket is connected to your phone line, and a telephone is connected to the PHONE socket.

2. Then, dial your home line from your cell phone.

3. Answer the call using the telephone connected to the PHONE socket on your home’s phone line where the Blocker is installed.

4. From your cell phone’s dialpad, enter *7# (you should hear a beep)

Enter the telephone number you want to block (e.g. 305-558-5577) followed by # (you should hear another beep)

Done! Hand up both phones (your home phone and your cell).

Now the blocker should be blocking the number!