The iPRIVACY number is an incoming VoIP phone service designed to help you restore your privacy by gaining better control on your incoming call activity.  The “i” on iPRIVACY stands for “incoming” PRIVACY number.  iPRIVACY number offers 2 options: BLACKlist or WHITElist.

In BLACKlist mode, all incoming calls are filtered using a multi-layer Blacklist filtering system Consisting of up to 3 Blacklists:

BLACKlist #1 – Is an active list of phone numbers linked to various scams and frauds. This list is powered by

BLACKlist #2 – Nomorobo Blacklist – an award winning blacklist service containing thousands of phone numbers linked to robocalls and automated system doing massive dialing to consumers.

BLACKlist #3 - Optionally, you can add a third layer of protection by making use of your own CALL BLOCKER device to manage your personal Blacklist.

In WHITElist mode, you can manage your own list of phone numbers that you like to answer calls from, and send all the other calls to your voicemail.  You can receive voicemails directly to your email or by dialing directly from your iPRIVACY number.

iPRIVACY is an incoming call service only.  No outbound dialing or 911 calls are allowed.