iPRIVACY number WHITElist service is easy to setup …

Step 1. First, you fill out your iPRIVACY WHITElist service request. You will be asked to provide the list of phone numbers that you would like to add to your WHITElist (up to 500 entries).  

Please allow 1-2 business days to receive your iPRIVACY number & Whitelist.


Step 2. Next decide where do you want to answer calls on your iPRIVACY number. There are 2 options:


1. You can answer calls using HQTelecom's VoIP adapter and his existing analog handset (including DEC phones). You may also use your own SIP-compatible VoIP adapter. 


2. You can also answer your calls using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Simply download one of several free apps available for your device. For Apple devices (iPhones or iPads), use Apple’s App Store. For Android devices, use Google Play to free download for Apple-IOS or Droid).

TIP:  As per our testing, we can recommend any of the following options:
(1) VoIP Phone adapter (HQtelecom provided)
(2) Android APP - CSIPSimple 
(3) IOS APP - 
Acrobits (use TCP instead of UDP, turn notifications ON)

Step 3. Upon receiving your iPRIVACY number, you can then turn ON the unconditional “Call Forward” on your existing phone number(s). Now, all your incoming calls will be filtered.

We strongly recommend that you do not give out your iPRIVACY number to anyone.  Please continue using your existing phone number(s) as your main contact phone number.  This is the best way to protect your privacy!

Enjoy your privacy!