HQTelecom is taking (or can take) the following measures in order to ensure iPRIVACY numbers stays private:

1) By restricting the outbound calling from this number, HQTelecom can ensure that your iPRIVATE number is not associated with your name on the national CNAM database. The national CNAM database is responsible for matching names to phone numbers. This prevents linking your name to your iPRIVACY number by any other third party entity.

2) By restricting access to local 911 or E911 directories or operator services prevents that your iPRIVACY number is linked to your name on any government-sponsored database.

3) Again, we highly recommend that you do not give out your iPRIVACY number to anyone, and continue using your other numbers as your primary contact phones.  

4) After taking all the above measures, if at any time you suspect that your iPRIVACY number has been promised, you can request to change your iPRIVACY number (no more than one request every 2 months).