The Voicemail greeting on your iPRIVACY number is setup with a generic recording that says "The person at extension XXXXX (your account number) is unavailable, please record your message after the tone, when done hang up or press the pound key."

We recommend that you do not change this generic greeting. However, if you prefer to record your own greeting (e.g. allow callers to identify your voice), you can change this pre-recorded greeting by following the steps below:

Using your iPRIVACY line, lift off the handset and press *97 to reach your Voicemail (powered by Meridian).

When hearing the options, press 0 for Mailbox options
Then press 4 to record your temporary greeting.   
Then press 1 to record a new message, # when finish, then 1 to accept/save it.

Note:  Please do not record any other greeting (unavailable, busy, etc) as none of these are working at this time.

IMPORTANT:  In order to help us protect your privacy, if you record your own greeting, we highly recommend that you not mention your iPRIVACY number OR your full name on this greeting.  Instead, we recommend that you say something like: "You have reached XXX-XXX-XXXX (your public phone being call forwarded) - please record your message after the beep"