Below are some of the reasons why your call blocker is not blocking calls from numbers that are already on the BLACKLIST

- Try pressing "BLACKLIST" button.  If the number is already blocked, it should say "REP".  If not, it should say "SAV" and it will save it.

- When you press the BLACKLIST button if it says "REP", and this is happening often, you may need to reset the BLACKLIST e.g. remove all number and start over again since it is possible that the memory has been corrupted.  To reset this memory, please read these reset instructions.

- It is possible that the calling party is doing some manipulation to the caller id in order to bypass restrictions.  These call blocker products are getting very popular, and telemarketing companies are starting to find ways to go around them.  If this is the case, you may need to block the entire area code or prefix.  Please read section 5.1 in the manual.  

If after reading this, you still need help, please call us at 786-221-5997 (M-F, 11am-7pm EST) so we can assist you over the phone. If possible, please call us from another phone (e.g. cell phone) so we can do some troubleshooting and tests on your device.