Echo occurs due to the signal conversion process that takes place between an analog telephone line and a digital telephone line or equipment.  The Bluetooth Phone Adapter contains electronics called echo cancelers to eliminate this effect, however this may not be enough as this echo sound may be coming from the other telephone equipment being used in the conversation.  Below are some tips on how to reduce this echo when using the Bluetooth Phone Adapter:

1. Make sure your headset is fully charged.  If battery is low, it may affect quality.

2. Try to minimize electronic interference by re-locating the Bluetooth adapter as far away as possible from any other the wireless electronics nearby, including other telephone equipment, wireless LAN routers, etc.

3. Check the wires (patch cords, RJ11 connectors) as all these may cause issues. 

4. It's possible that your headset is not working well with this Bluetooth adapter.  If possible, please try a different headset to see if you can noticed any improvements in the quality of the voice.

Adjust the volume on both ends – sometimes too much volume will cause cross-over of the voice sound and lowering the volume will reduce this effect.

6. Turn speakers OFF and ON. If you have the ability to turn the speakers on either side on and off, it may help this issue.

7. Replace handset(s) at the other end of the conversation (echo effect could be caused by the telephone electronics at the other end of the call).

If problem continues, contact us for additional troubleshooting.