This phone lookup search tool is intended to assist you in identifying phone numbers that are linked to unsolicited calls.                  

It reduces, by at least 95%, the need for you to guess if the calls you are answering from strangers are legit or linked to some scam or fraud e.g. no more 'detective' work necessary!                

If you are a landline user, you can use it in conjunction with a call blocker to identify phone numbers that you should block.                  

According to the Federal Trade Commission ( published stats, there has been a 650% increase in consumer complaints in the last 6 years. 8.4 million complaints were filed by consumers in 2016.  This means that at least six percent (6%) of the households in the US (one out of every twenty households) are victims of some form of scam every year in the US.                 .                  

Our data bank can identify over 20 million phone numbers linked to unsolicited calling within 1+ dialing plan (US, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and parts of the Caribbean), and growing at a rapid rate of thousands of new phone numbers added every day. We estimate it covers 95% or more of the phone numbers actively making unsolicited calls.