Update:  April 20, 2022

No, your UBlocker will continue to block calls in your Blacklist, however you will not be able to manage your lists online unless you pay a yearly maintenance fee.  This fee allows us to cover the recurring costs associated with maintaining the website running smoothly.   

Your device(s) will be restored and all data and lists will show again upon completing your payment.  Please allow 2-4 business hours after completing your payment to get your account re-activated.

Original post published on Mon, 15 Oct, 2018 at 2:21 AM

No.  Your UBlocker will continue to block all the calls that are in your personal lists (Blacklist, Whitelist, and New). You will be able to continue to login and manage your lists online anytime, and the device will continue to block the numbers in your personal Blacklist.  The only functionality you will loose is the ability to automatically block recently added numbers to the Global Blacklist managed by HQTelecom.  We highly recommend that you renew this subscription to get the best possible protection and minimize your risk of getting scammed.