First of all, you don't connect to, you browse to using a browser in your PC or smartphone AFTER you have JOINed to the ublocker as your WIFI network.  So, between steps 1a) and 1b), you can check your wifi network to make sure you are connected to ublocker as your wifi network.  If so, you should see that the IP address for the router is ...when you click the information icon on the WIFI network.

After you enter your home (or office) SSID & password, the ublocker should restart in the normal mode.

If the internet connection is lost or it can't connect to HQTelecom's remote server for some reason (e.g. user entered wrong ssid or password) it will keep trying to reconnect for 3 minutes, and if it can't couldn't it will go back to hotspot mode again and the user should be able to browse to and re-enter the ssid and password.  

The ublocker will go back to hotspot mode (e.g. able to browse to for 10 minutes and then it'll check the old network (e.g. previously entered SSID & password) again.  It will continue to do this until it can connect to HQTelecom's remote server.

Hope this is helpful.  If you need more help, please contact us.