If your call blocker is blocking numbers that you have not added to the BLACKLIST, we recommend that you review your BLACKLIST to make sure there is no single or double digits stored that may be causing the device to block calls you do not want to block.  You can review the BLACKLIST, simply press the BLACKLIST button and then the scroll buttons to scroll up/down the list.  If you see a number that you wish to remove from the BLACKLIST, press the REMOVE button once (Warning:  If you press and hold the REMOVE button for more than 3 seconds it will prompt for the PASSword so that you can delete the entire list).

If the issue persists, you may need to clear the BLACKLIST.  To do this, press the BLACKLIST button, then hold the REMOVE button more than 3 seconds.  It will display PASS, then lift-off a handset (make sure you have one connected to the PHONE port of the call blocker), and press 0000 using the dial-pad, then press the "SET" button on the call blocker.  It should display "SUCCESS".

Another reason that may be causing your call blocker to block numbers that are not in the BLACKLIST, is if you added any prefixes or area codes using the SET function 5 in the manual, refer to step 5 on the manual (http://hqtelecom.com/TLock-Pro-CallBlocker-N2-UserManual.pdf).  

Once you have cleared the BLACKLIST, it should stop blocking those local calls.

If you continue having issues, you may need to send it for repair and/or replacement, if it's under the warranty.