Thank you for contacting us. Below are some tips to help you figure out why your call blocker is blocking calls that are not in your Blacklist.

1) First, you should press the BLACKLIST button to browse your Blacklist to make sure there are not 1-3 digit numbers that may be causing your call blocker to block calls based on prefixes.

2) Then, you should review the list of prefixes and area codes stored under SET 5. Just press SET, then pick up your handset (note: it must be connected in series) and pressing 5, then use the scroll buttons to browse the list to make sure there are no prefixes or area codes that may be causing your call blocker to block these wanted numbers.

3) Lastly, if this problem continues, you should consider resetting your Blacklist by erasing your entire list of numbers in your Blacklist. Just press the BLACKLIST button and then pressing and holding the REMOVE buttons for more than 3 seconds, then enter the password (default 0000) and then the SET key.

If you continue having issues, please contact us.